Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Very "Magical" Christmas Gift!!

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(This post is very long but the boys really enjoy watching the pictures. Really sorry!!)
Santa put together a very special gift for us. He left a letter describing a trip that he worked out for us to go to Disney World. We spent four days int he parks and had a blast. Will was very brave to go on the Star Wars Star Tours ride and was very proud of himself! (as were we) Bryce was the brave one in the Haunted Mansion and enjoyed talking to Crush during Turtle Time in Epcot. He was the the star of the show!! On the last day, both boys were pulled into the street during the Block Party Bash to dance with the cast members. As much as they dance at home, they looked as if they were made of stone. It was a fantastic trip and we thoroughly enjoyed every minute. Truly a "magical" Christmas! Thanks Santa!!!


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Hope everyone had a great Christmas! This begins with the Christmas program at the boy's school. Then it shows pictures of Christmas Eve waiting on Santa to make his annual trip around St Simons on the firetruck. As we were leaving church, we heard the sirens and thought we missed him. The boys were very upset but we think he took a different route and we made it back to the house before he got down Frederica. The last pictures are of Christmas morning. The letter from Santa was a brilliant surprise for us. More pictures about that to follow...