Tuesday, June 16, 2009

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School, Soccer, and baseball are all over and summer has officially begun. We had a great school year with lots of success for both boys. There are pictures here of the last soccer games, field day, and Bryce's last baseball game. He was very excited to finally be able to play on a real team. (However, we stretched a little when reporting his bday so he could play with the rest of his class) Hope everyone has a great summer!!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Outstanding Osprey

I got an email from Will's teacher asking if we could attend the Spirit Rally on the last day of school. She told me that Will was nominated by the 2nd grade staff to receive the Outstanding Osprey award for the month of May. There are 2 students from each grade level each month. Only 18 second graders for the year receive this award. We were VERY proud of him! Mrs Boling told us that he did not know about this and it was to be a surprise. (I am sure he was wondering what we were doing at the rally) This is he and Tim waiting for the rally to begin!

And then when his name was called he was a little surprised...

And mortified that he was having to get up in front of the whole school to get it...

The Outstanding Osprey award is basically a good citizen type award. Students are nominated based on grades, classroom performance, behavior, etc. We are so very proud of our big boy! He is growing into such a tremendous young man!!!